The EthnoMUSICologist

The EthnoMUSICologist is a website and YouTube channel that explores music and music culture around the world. Ethnomusicology is a sub-field of anthropology and can really be thought of in those terms: the anthropology of music. This site delves into music topics of all kinds and presents them in either a short, fun, and approachable or thorough and in-depth way, depending on the series. Our various series range from a music and travel vlog to theme videos about the history of jingles or the scientific classification of musical instruments. Current series include:

Listen! is a series of travel and music related posts and videos that seek to explore the nature of music and culture throughout the world. It is ethnomusicology in its perhaps its purest form: traveling to other places to interact with different cultures and understand their music and their relationships with that music. Listen! attempts to get the full picture behind a certain type of music and its people: the setting, the history, the political environment, youth trends, the lives of the people, etc

Mystery music is a weekly series that introduces 3 different musical styles from around the world. Here you will find everything from American garage rock, to Uruguayan music theater, to Japanese throat singing. And the best part? All the information presented, videos, and research sources are taken from easily found, free sources. So if you want to know more about any of the genres covered, just click the links provided or do a quick google search.

Music of... This series, updated weekly, gives a brief introduction to the music of different continents, countries, and regions. Generally, this is meant to be an introduction to and basis for further discussion on an area of the world you might want to know more about.

Theme series: These posts and videos cover a wide range of music related topics. Everything from performance, culture, commercialization, and acculturation. Here you’ll find well researched, in-depth analysis of many different topics in music. Some topics include the history of jingles, music and torture, or the scientific categorization of musical instruments.

Quick videos: Top 10 lists, animated infographics, and funny snippets. This series presents music topics in a fun and easy to consume way.